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Looking to go hiking while in Bisbee but not interested in driving to the trailhead? All of our Bisbee guided hikes leave from our store and include a short walk to the hiking trail, making our Bisbee guided hikes perfect for visitors looking to get a good hike in without the drive time! 

Get in a serious sweat on our “Opera” Walk, “High” Trail, and “Spring” Trek! You’ll be accompanied by an expert local guide, ensuring you gain all the insider information about Bisbee while taking in a fantastic view of Bisbee from above! Make sure you bring your hiking shoes and plenty of water, as these are all hikes on uneven terrain and trail paths! On the other hand, if you’re looking for a Bisbee walking tour to uncover Bisbee’s hidden gem (hint: get a local’s insight into the quintessential art and artists that saved Bisbee!), our “OK” Walk is the best option for you! No matter which walk or hike you choose, there is something for everyone on our Bisbee guided hikes!

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Founded by owner and operator’s Bonnie & Steve Ball, B Active Bisbee is the only tour operator in Bisbee that offers an extensive range of tours via walking, hiking, e-bike, and wine tours! In addition to our diverse range of tours, we also provide e-bike rentals, pickleball lessons, and completely customizable group tours and experiences!

Here at B Active, we are passionate about Bisbee, Arizona, our special corner of the world. Our team of local expert guides is one of the magical ingredients of our special sauce, and there’s nothing we love more than giving you locals insight and providing extraordinary service on every one of our unique tours!

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Immerse Yourself in Bisbee's Artistic Tapestry! 🌟🖼️
From vibrant murals to whimsical sculptures, Bisbee's art scene is a feast for the senses. Discover captivating works by talented artists, including pieces by @Swoonhq , at the @ArtemiziaFoundation. As you explore the gallery's diverse collection, take a moment to contemplate the intricate details and profound messages woven into each creation.

What's your interpretation of this unique Mandala and other works on display? Share your thoughts as you explore the creative wonders of our charming town! 🌀🌈

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This Spring Break Take the Scenic Route!🚲 🏜️ Enjoy a unique historical tour of #Bisbee on an E-Bike. Using an E-Bike to venture up beyond the Gulch, learn about Bisbee's colorful past in an intimate tour hosted by one of guides.

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#springbreakfun Ditch buying a map and let us locals lead the way🗺🥾Featured Hike : The "Spring" Trek
The “Spring” Trek is the perfect option for experienced hikers who light up at the thought of hiking near Bisbee, Arizona! You’ll meet your local expert guide at our store and then make your way to the Mule Mountains to begin the 3.5-hour summit to the highest point of the Mule Mountains, Mt. Ballard. This is our most challenging hike, thanks to elevation gains of 1,350 feet up into the Sky Islands, making The “Spring” Trek the ideal trek near Bisbee!

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Embrace your inner art enthusiast and embark on a fascinating journey through the vibrant streets of #Bisbeeaz 🎨 Join us on the 'Art of Bisbee Tour' where we'll guide you through the breathtaking art that has revitalized this picturesque town. From mesmerizing murals to captivating sculptures, you'll be amazed by the creativity that decorates every corner. Discover the stories behind the artists and witness the town's artistic transformation. #ArtOfBisbeeTour #BisbeeAdventures ...

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