Experience the Art at the Heart of Bisbee!

See Hidden Gems and hear their stories

Explore the amazing 818 Gallery

Join the B Active Team for a Journey Through Bisbee's Creative Heartbeat!

Join the B Active team for an exploration that takes you to the heart of Bisbee as you travel to experience the remarkable art that has given the town a new life. Your tour will visit artwork that adorns the town from Rose Johnson, Lee Adcock, Judy Perry, Ben Dale, Jules Muck, and many more – including murals and other artwork that make the town so memorable. You will learn about the artists & the town’s transformation from its industrial form to the current aesthetic.

The tour includes a self-guided visit to the amazing 818 Gallery, where you will see one of the Southwest’s premier collections of contemporary art featuring works of Banksy, Swoon, Cey Adams, PichiAvo, Warhol, and Lady Pink.

Why Choose This Tour

Bisbee's Vibrant Art Scene: Immerse in streets adorned with works by renowned artists like Rose Johnson and Lee Adcock.

Artists' Stories Unveiled: Discover creators and Bisbee's journey from industry to art, deepening your appreciation.

Offbeat Art Exploration: Comfortably tour hidden gems via golf cart, revealing Bisbee's creative essence.

Premier Contemporary Art: Experience top-tier works at 818 Gallery, featuring artists like Banksy and Warhol.

Personalized, Memorable Adventure: with expert insights, ensuring a unique artistic journey through Bisbee.

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Trip Details

Trip Details


  • $75/person

Departure time


  • 11am and 1pm Thursday-Sunday



Meeting point

  • B Active 86 Main St, Bisbee




2 hours

Group size

  •  Group size: 2-5


  • Admission to 818 Gallery


  • B Active Guides will share the history of the artists as you explore the town


Guests will travel by golf cart to explore the art that is found off the beaten path, learning about the artists and eras of Bisbee’s colorful history.  Venturing up Tombstone Canyon, you will enjoy the many pieces that make Bisbee special, arriving at the remarkable Galley 818 for a feast of contemporary art from world-famous artists.

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