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Independent Bisbee Activity

Easy to Ride E-Bikes

E-Bike Your Way Through Bisbee At Your Own Pace, On Your Own Time!

What’s one of the best things to do in Bisbee for those looking for a more independent experience? The most fun way to explore Bisbee is on a B Active E-Bike! Conquer the mile-high hills with the power of a pedal-assisted bike that amplifies your peddling to make getting around a breeze. Just want to explore without all that peddling? Our bikes also include a throttle! Part of what makes Bisbee so unique are the many unavoidable hills (this is Bisbee, after all!). This is why renting our high-quality e-bikes for as long as you wish (even a whole week!) is the perfect way to comfortably explore Bisbee at your own pace!

Insider tip: Cruise around Bisbee to see the upper reaches above the town, including the “False Divide,” which offers excellent views of the town below and an exhilarating ride!

What else?: Be sure to take the Bisbee Challenge! Find the images in the daily challenge, share a pic on Instagram or Facebook to win prizes!

Why Rent E-Bikes With Us

Explore Bisbee’s steep roads (sans the knee pain!) on our high-quality e-bikes

Enjoy a fun, on-your-own activity with the whole family - at a self-guided pace!

Venture up the canyons to see the remarkable street art and 19th-century homes

Cruise around Bisbee with ease while taking in the quirky street art that gives Bisbee its beloved artsy vibes!

Take advantage of our daily and weekly rental packages, the perfect mode of transport for groups in Bisbee for an extended amount of time

Rental Details


  • 2 hours: $35
  • 4 hours: $65
  • 1 Day: $90
  • 1 Week: $189

Meeting point

B Active Bisbee Store, 86 Main St, Bisbee

Rental Schedule

Every 30 minutes from 9:00 am until 3:00 pm


Everyday, all year-round


We have four rental option:

  • 2 hours
  • Half-Day
  • Full-Day
  • 1 Week

Minimum & maximum number of bikes per group

  • Minimum: 1
  • Maxiumum: 10


  • E-Bike
  • Helmet

Not included

  • Water

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